An general aspect of the Cessna Flight Simulator

People who are fascinated in flying a Cessna flight simulator find quite a rough look at because there are really some almost, which surprises me with them being among the plainest of airplanes. Not any longer the Flight Pro Sim offers the person an eager choice of another Cessna aircraft to take for a test flight.

You still have the facility to be a fighter pilot or a commercial airline pilot so fill your boots with what ever takes your fancy. It staggers me to thing how popular this brand of aircraft is I know they have been around since the 1950's, but I thought all the jet planes would have out shone them, obviously not.
The Cessna flight simulator in Flight Pro Sim uses quite an array of different types of Cessna models the most popular ones are the Citation X, U-3A, 172P Skyhawk, 525 Citation jet, 337 Skymaster and the 340A all delivering a real life flying experience. Personally I much prefer the Cessna flight simulator as with me being a newbie to all this it is a lot easier to control than the fighter jets and commercial airlines, well everyone has to start somewhere.

I really do feel that the team at Flight Pro Sim as captured all the aspects or as close as flying a real plane as possible. I have reviewed other simulators on the market not mentioning any names of course, but the Cessna flight simulator doesn't usually come in the standard package or even as an add-on and if it did it would cost possibly nearly a quarter of the games original cost.

If you do decide to take the plunge and purchase Flight Pro Sim game for the Cessna Flight Simulator then you can take advantage of all the models I have mentioned and many more, plus all at original price and get free regular updates to.

This game as authentic as it gets, so if you are a Cessna fanatic and you like it to be as close to the real thing as possible, things like fuel consumption, top speeds, maneuverability and many more then this is a must, the developers have really looked into the specifications of each individual aircraft and replicated that within the game and done an excellent job at it if I do say so myself.